Cat & Dog Exams in Orlando
Oviedo and Maitland

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Pets live their lives to the fullest—why not make every moment count? Since our four-legged friends age quickly, it’s important that they pay routine visits to their veterinarian in Orlando, Oviedo or Maitland at least once a year for cat or dog exams. Preventing diseases and other problems altogether means that your pet can enjoy a happier and potentially longer life.

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Why Healthy Pets Need Exams

Looks can be deceiving. Your pet can't tell you when they're sick, and they may even try to hide it. While they seem healthy on the outside, we need to see what's happening on the inside to be sure. Problems start small and catching them early allows for quicker treatment.

Plus, seeing your pet regularly means we can address your concerns quickly. You can also expect more opportunities to learn about your pet’s primary needs, and have a stronger partnership with us.

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What Happens During a Checkup?

Our veterinarians have an eye for detail and years of knowledge to ensure that no problem, no matter how small, goes unnoticed. When you bring in your pet for their visit, we take the time to:

Check your pet’s vitals (heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature)

Examine them from nose to tail for bumps, lumps, and other abnormal conditions

Check blood and fecal samples so we can see if your pet has parasites, an infection, or another problem

What Every Pet Needs in Their Wellness Routine

Each pet is unique, but there are services we offer that every pet should receive in some form. As your veterinary partner, we can help you devise the best plan for utilizing these services, which include:

  • Screening for heartworms, tick-borne and zoonotic diseases, and intestinal worms
  • Deworming if needed
  • Core and risk-based vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention
  • Behavioral and nutritional counseling
  • Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings

We provide comprehensive care for pets of all ages. Puppies, kittens, adult pets, and senior pets all have their own unique needs, and therefore require their own unique health plan. To establish a wellness care plan for your pet, contact us today!

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