Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Orlando, FL

cat brushing its teeth

Our veterinarians in Orlando, Oviedo, and Maitland are skilled in dentistry and hold to an exceptionally high standard of treatment. We encourage proactive dental care to protect your pet from the effects of dental disease, a common condition that is common in dogs and cats but also quite treatable. From the oral exam to the professional cat and dog teeth cleaning, we’ll help you manage your pet’s lifelong dental needs with ease.

The Benefits of Teeth Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

  • Pets that receive regular dental care can live about 3 years longer than pets that don’t
  • Your pet will be able to avoid painful oral infections
  • Your pet will have clean, fresh breath
  • You can avoid the costly dental care expenses that might pop up later
  • Preventing dental disease also means preventing heart, liver, and kidney diseases
cat chewing a toy

Offering a Higher Level of Care

Dr. Duprey and Dr. Hancock are tremendously skilled at addressing dental diseases and pathology, and creating comprehensive dental health plans for our patients.  We'll teach you everything you need to know, from how to brush your pet's teeth to how you can detect signs of buildup or infection in their mouth. By taking an active role in their dental care, you can also strengthen the bond you share with your pet.

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How We Safely Clean Your Pet's Teeth

Every step of your pet's dental procedure is performed with their comfort and safety in mind, and to ensure the best recovery possible.

  1. We examine your pet and run blood work prior to their dental to make sure they have no health issues that may complicate anesthesia.
  2. Your pet will be fully sedated for a complete oral exam before their dental procedure so they experience no stress or discomfort.
  3. We use nerve blocks and other means to keep pain to a minimum.
  4. A skilled technician monitors your pet constantly, and uses advanced equipment to measure their vital signs.
  5. We use sophisticated scaling tools to remove tartar and calculus from above and under the gum line. Our goal is to extend the amount of time between cleanings so your pet can spend more time with you.


dog holding a toothbrush