The OrlandoVets VIP (Very Important Pet) Program


Bringing in your pet for routine office visits should be hassle-free. Our VIP Program is designed to make it easier for pets to see their veterinarian whenever they need to without incurring office visit fees. Additionally, it increases the level of long-term preventative care your pet receives!

With the VIP Program, you can rest easy knowing that if your pet needs to see their vet more frequently, they can do so at a reasonable cost.

Over half of all our clients enjoy the benefits of being VIP Program members. Reach out today to find out more!

What the VIP Program Includes

The VIP Program annual membership fee is $139. Being a member will give you:

Complimentary office visits

for all 12 months of the year

One complimentary bath

includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression

*must be current on all vaccines, including canine influenza

10% discount

on your pet's annual package

*K9 annual package includes: exam, DHPP-Lepto-Rabies-Bordetella vaccines, intestinal parasite and blood parasite screenings and pet ID card
**Feline annual package includes: exam, FVRCP-FELV-Rabies vaccines, intestinal parasite screening and pet ID card

10% discount

on routine spay/neuter and dental cleanings

*does not include extractions, mass removals or any additional
surgical procedure

Benefits for You and Your Pet

Some of the most important benefits of being in the VIP Program include:

  • Receiving the recommended two exams per year does more to prevent illness and other health issues in your pet
  • Your pet can receive more timely treatment if a problem arises
  • You and your veterinarian will have more time to develop a strong working relationship
  • Keeping to routine visits increases your educational opportunities and helps you understand the “why” behind our care recommendations
  • You will understand your pet’s needs more clearly and have better control over their health
young girl holding a puppy