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Meet the compassionate and hardworking veterinarians of Alafaya Trail Animal Hospital! Our Alafaya team looks forward to serving you and your pet!

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dr. enrique duprey

Dr. Enrique Duprey ¡Habla Español!


Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Originally born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Duprey is the founder and medical director of Team OrlandoVets. A true Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Duprey has had an unwavering love and fascination for animals his entire life. Growing up surrounded by many different species of pets,  he decided very early on that his lifelong passion would be veterinary medicine. He is the original champion of the relationship-based care that our practices are known to provide. He loves spending time getting to know his patients and his clients. He has dedicated his life to the enriching the lives of pets and their families through personalized partnerships.

Dr. Duprey’s professional interests include, but are not limited to, dentistry, allergy management and dermatology. In his free time, he enjoys spending time on the beach, listening to music and relaxing with his family and three pups.

dr. maria quinones

Dr. Maria Quiñones ¡Habla Español!


University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Quiñones (“Dr. Q” to her team) was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico and later moved to Baton Rouge, LA to pursue her veterinary studies. Later, she relocated to Winter Springs, FL so she could join the Orlando Vets team. Her passion for animals and giving back to her community motivated Dr. Quiñones to become a veterinarian, along with the challenge of solving problems while also providing answers (and comfort) to pets and their families.

For Dr. Quiñones, the human connection and special relationship she has with each pet owner and patient are what she loves most about being a veterinarian. She also loves educating people and advocating for ideal pet wellness and a higher standard of care for pets. Each day, she is influenced by the unique relationships she forms with people and their pets, and has found that these relationships modify the way that she practices veterinary medicine. Dr. Quiñones never stops learning and looking for ways to improve.

Her professional interests include Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and acupuncture, rehabilitation, dentistry, caring for pocket pets and exotics, behavior, and nutrition.

Outside of work, Dr. Quiñones has many hobbies, like making people laugh, Latin dancing (Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue), working out, hiking, kayaking, and being out in nature, going to theme parks, reading, and watching series/movies with her family. She has two lovable fur babies; a cat named Lichty and a dog named Merlin.

dr. jessica lannes

Dr. Jessica Lannes


Louisiana State University | BS in Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Science

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine | DVM

"I am honored to witness the magic of the human animal bond on a daily basis.  WE now have more information than ever on how deeply we can connect with our pets, and how they connect with us.  Science has proven that the "pet effect" can impact the mental and physical health of both the pet and the pet parent.  AS a child I was fascinated by this connection, and now as a veterinary professional, I am honored to be a partner in preserving this bond."

Originally born and raised in Louisiana, Dr. Lannes relocated to Winter Springs, FL several years ago to practice veterinary medicine and loves everything that the Sunshine State has to offer.

From the time she was a small child, Dr. Lannes always had a special connection with and appreciation for animals. The love and fascination she had for animals in her childhood did not diminish over time, and she was lucky enough to be able to follow her passion and pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She has always considered it an honor to be able to care for and advocate for our four-legged family members. She often refers to herself as “the pediatrician for the furry kids,” since they cannot speak to us in the traditional sense and tell us how they are feeling. It is so important to listen to pet parents when describing concerns, and to look, feel, and listen to what our pets are telling us during a physical evaluation.

Dr. Lannes gets so much satisfaction knowing that she is helping pets and their families live their best life together. While her passion for animals drove her into the profession, the satisfaction that she gets from partnering with a family to facilitate them in taking the best possible care of their pet is what drives her to be the best veterinarian she can be.

Dr. Lannes' professional interests include behavior medicine, internal medicine, allergy and dermatology, and nurturing the human-animal bond. Outside of work, she enjoys college football, going to theme parks with her family, and live music.