Cat and Dog Allergies and Dermatology Care
in Orlando, Oviedo and Maitland

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Cat and dog allergies are a source of frustration for many people—not to mention a major source of discomfort for the pets themselves. The Central Florida climate presents a challenge to many dogs and cats, who can only respond to their condition by scratching and licking their itchy skin. Our veterinarians are well-versed in the challenges that allergic pets face throughout Orlando, Oviedo and Maitland, and they are equally well-versed in finding a solution that suits each individual.

What Are the Signs of an Allergy?

Cat and dog allergies present themselves in many different ways, but itchiness is the most common indication. Itchy skin occurs when the immune system overreacts to certain allergens the body comes into contact with.

When a pet is itchy, these physical signs often appear concurrently or not long after:

  • Skin that appears raw, red, and inflamed
  • Dry, scaly patches of skin
  • Hair loss between the toes, under the arms/legs, around the eyes, and occasionally on the belly
  • Open sores on the skin, especially the lower legs, caused by licking (lick granulomas)
  • Ears and skin may give off odor
  • Runny eyes and a runny nose

Are allergies making your pet miserable?

How We Can Treat Your Pet’s Allergies

Our Orlando, Oviedo and Maitland veterinarians are dedicated to helping clients figure out their pet’s problems and achieving the best possible outcome after treatment. We use the latest testing methods and medications to help us identify the allergens that are bothering your pet, and manage the allergy itself.

Allergies do not occur without reason. In addition to treating your pet, our goal is to educate you about why allergies occur in pets in the first place, what secondary changes result from the allergies, and how we can support you and your pet through the treatment process.

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Our VIP Program is Extremely Valuable for Allergic Pets

Treating allergies in pets can be time-consuming, due to the many different allergens that exist and the similar symptoms they cause. Frequent checkups and regular communication are critical to successful allergy treatment, and the cost of repeated vet visits adds up quickly. With our VIP Program, you get unlimited office visits—so you can bring in your pet any time they need care.

Keeping your pet well doesn't have to be hard (or expensive). Sign up for our VIP Program!