Spay and Neuter Services in Orlando, Oviedo and Maitland

two cats playing together

It’s impossible to say how many animal lives have been saved or improved thanks to spaying and neutering, but we know the number is high! That’s why we recommend spay and neuter surgeries for our patients—by helping them, we’re also helping other dogs and cats. In Orlando, Oviedo, Maitland, and other cities around the country, stray animal overpopulation is still a concern. When animals are healthy and happy, their community is happy and healthy, too.

two cats playing together

How Spaying and Neutering Helps Pets

Your pet’s spay or neuter surgery has a greater effect than you might realize.

  1. The more pets that are spayed and neutered, the fewer unwanted pregnancies there will be. Many shelters and rescues are overcrowded due to so many litters being born.
  2. It benefits your pet directly by reducing their chances of developing cancer later in life. Females may otherwise be prone to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Likewise, males that are not neutered have a higher risk for testicular cancer.
  3. Pyometra is a serious condition that can affect non-spayed female dogs and cats. It is a bacterial infection caused by a hormonal imbalance that can be deadly if it isn’t treated quickly.
  4. Male and female pets can also show improved behavior after their surgery. Male dogs are less prone to aggression and urine spraying/marking. Both males and females are also less likely to go roaming around outside to find a mating partner, which can put their safety at risk.

Are There Side Effects or Health Risks?

Every surgical procedure involves a degree of risk, and some pets may be more prone to complications than others. As your veterinarian, it’s our responsibility to keep health risks to an absolute minimum. That means fully examining your pet and taking blood work before their surgery to make sure they’re healthy. We also assess their medical history and use everything we know about your pet to give them the safest level of anesthesia and other medications.

If you have any other questions about spaying and neutering, be sure to contact the OrlandoVets location nearest you!

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