Why is My Dog Shaking


Is your dog shaking? Are you worried about what might be causing her to do this? Is shaking a cause for concern in dogs, or is it normal? When should you take your pet to the vet for shaking behavior?

In many dogs, shaking is perfectly normal. However, there are also several instances in which shaking may indicate a health problem. In the article below, we’ll explore some of the most common causes of shaking in dogs and help you better understand what might be going on with your pet. Read through this information to find out more.

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Mild Causes

Listed below are the mild causes for this condition: 


One of the most common and least concerning causes of shaking in dogs is simply cold weather. If it’s cold outside and your dog has started shaking while going outside during potty breaks, this could be nothing to worry about. They will likely stop shaking as soon as they warm up.

With that said, it is important to check your dog for signs of frostbite if they are cold enough that they are shaking. Frostbite may occur on the nose, paw pads, and other exposed parts of your pet’s body. Look for very cold skin that is brittle to the touch or skin that looks gray to blue in color.

Shaker Syndrome

Shaker syndrome is a condition that causes small dogs to tremble frequently. It is most commonly seen in white dogs, but it can be seen in dogs of any color. It does not tend to occur in medium to large sized dog breeds.

Shaker syndrome may look scary, but it is nothing to worry about. If you suspect your dog may have Shaker Syndrome, you should talk to your pet’s veterinarian to discuss diagnosis and treatment.

Moderate Causes

Listed below are the moderate causes for this condition: 

Anxiety or Fear

Dogs who are very anxious or fearful may start to shake when they’re afraid of something. Some dogs are much more easily frightened than others, and it’s important to learn what may trigger your dog’s fear and anxiety if they have these problems frequently.

Dogs who are so afraid that they tremble may need some assistance managing this problem. You may need to talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medication for your pet, depending on the frequency and severity of their fear and anxiety. In mild to moderate cases, products like thunder shirts may help instead.


Seizures can be a common cause of shaking and trembling in dogs. Typically, you can tell when your dog is having a seizure because they may fall over and paddle their legs while licking or panting. However, some seizures may not look quite this dramatic and may be difficult to pinpoint.

If your dog has a seizure for the first time, or if their seizures worsen or last longer than normal, go to the emergency vet. You should also consult with your pet’s regular veterinarian to discuss if treatment is recommended.


Arthritis can often worsen to the point that it causes dogs to start shaking and trembling. If your dog’s shaking seems focused only on certain parts of their body, or if it happens most often when they first gets up from a nap, arthritis could be the cause.

If you suspect your dog has arthritis, talk to your vet about treatment or management options. Your pet may need to be on regular daily pain medication for moderate to severe cases of arthritis, and they may be a good candidate for certain types of physical therapy as well.

Severe Causes

Listed below are severe causes for this condition: 


The worst potential cause of shaking in dogs is poisoning or toxicity. Dogs can be poisoned by eating chemicals, medications, or even certain types of human foods that are harmful to pets. If your dog’s shaking has started suddenly and she doesn’t have a history of seizures, take her to the emergency vet, as this could be a sign of poisoning.

Poisoning may also occur along with other concerning symptoms such as excessive panting and drooling, vomiting and diarrhea, and blood in the stool or vomit. These are all serious signs that your dog needs emergency vet care immediately.

Contact a Veterinarian if Your Dog is Shaking

As you can see, there are many situations in which shaking is nothing to worry about. However, there are also several potentially dangerous health problems that can cause shaking in dogs. If you’re unsure what’s causing your dog to shake, or if they are showing new shaking behavior, take them to the vet to be examined.

Additionally, if your dog’s shaking is accompanied by any other concerning symptoms such as a loss of awareness or consciousness, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, go to the emergency vet, as these could be signs of toxicity or poisoning. For more information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Orlando Vets by calling one of our locations. Our compassionate veterinarians will always be here for you and your pet!

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