Why Do Dogs Eat Grass


Does your dog love to eat grass? Is this a cause for concern? What does it mean when dogs eat grass, and is it okay to let your dog continue doing this? Many pet owners notice their dogs eating grass now and then. Most of the time, this problem isn’t a concerning one, but it is still a good idea to learn what you can about this behavior in your dog. In the article below, you’ll find more information about what grass eating could mean for your pet, so let’s get started.

can dogs eat grass

Main Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Listed below are the main reasons:

Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is perhaps the most common cause of grass eating behavior in dogs. If your dog is regularly eating grass after she eats her food, she may be trying to soothe her upset stomach. This behavior could be due to a food sensitivity but, before changing their diet, it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian to determine what would be a good diet to try instead.

Not Enough Fiber

If your dog eats a lot of canned food and doesn’t eat much dry, she may not have enough fiber in her diet. Additionally, certain blends of dry dog food do not contain enough fiber for dogs of every breed, size, or age. When dogs don’t get enough fiber in their diets, they may resort to finding it in other locations—like grass. Consider adding dry kibble if they only eat canned food.


Anxiety is common in many household dogs, especially in those whose human family members don’t leave home very often. If your dog becomes especially anxious when left alone, she may have separation anxiety. Of course, there are other potential types of anxiety in dogs as well, and they can all lead to potential grass eating habits.

If your dog seems to only eat grass when she’s alone in the yard, or when she hears a loud noise like thunder or fireworks, these may be signs that she is anxious. Talk to your vet about helping your pet cope with her anxiety in effective ways.


Boredom may occur in dogs who are left outside in the yard without anything to do for too long. It may also happen in dogs who don’t get much interaction with their human family members or with other dogs. And when dogs get bored, they look for things to do—like eat grass.

If your dog is eating grass out of boredom, you can easily rectify this problem by encouraging her to play with her favorite toys or with human members of the family. You can also provide canine puzzles and “board games” for her to solve that can alleviate some of her boredom as well.

Also, if your dog doesn’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation during the day, they may be lacking and looking for something to occupy her body and mind. By providing your dog with enough walks and physical activity every day you can help decrease boredom and lack of stimulation. You can ensure they are tired enough and avoid unwanted behaviors during their downtime.

Being a Dog

If you’ve gone through this list and haven’t yet figured out what might be causing your dog to eat grass, then you may have to simply assume she’s just being a dog! Eating grass seems to be an instinctive behavior for many dogs, although there is no one specific reason why they do this.

It is possible that your dog simply learned to eat grass from one of their parents or siblings, or that they just likes the taste of it. Be on the lookout for areas that have been treated with chemicals or pesticides, however, as they can cause upset stomach.

Contact Orlando Vets for More Information

Based on this information, you can easily see that grass eating behavior sometimes is not a cause for concern. However, it may indicate that you need to encourage more activity in your dog’s daily schedule or play with them more often, and it might let you know that they are getting bored.

If you are ever worried about your dog’s grass eating or any other habits, be sure to talk to your vet for more information. Your vet can give you specific recommendations about your individual dog’s needs. Orlando Vets is here to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us by calling one of our locations and we will always be there for you and your pet.

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