Dog Park Safety: 10 Tips to Follow


Here in Orlando, we have many amazing dog parks where our four-legged family members can run, play, and socialize. However, as pet parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety during these fun-filled times. That’s why our team at Orlando Vets is thrilled to share these ten dog park safety tips. We’re not only committed to providing top-tier veterinary care but also educating pet owners in the Orlando area and beyond.

Call one of our locations for your pet’s regular check-ups or request an appointment online. Now, let’s leap right into the subject of dog park safety!

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Pre-Park Vet Check-up

Before venturing to the dog park, schedule an appointment with your local Orlando vet. This helps to ensure your dog is healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations, especially against diseases that can spread in a park setting like kennel cough or leptospirosis. Your vet can also advise on the ideal age for your pup to start attending the park.

Off-Leash Training

Before you hit the dog park, your dog should be well-trained to follow commands even when off-leash. Essential commands include ‘come,’ ‘leave it,’ and ‘sit.’ If your pet isn’t responding consistently to these commands at home, it’s best to delay the dog park adventure until they are more reliable.

Choose the Right Park

Not all dog parks are created equal. Look for parks with separate areas for large and small breeds, which helps prevent accidents caused by size mismatches. Additionally, choose a park that is clean, well-maintained, and provides shade and water sources.

Dog Park Etiquette

Ensure you follow dog park rules, such as cleaning up after your pet and keeping a close eye on their behavior. Avoid bringing in food or toys that could instigate a scuffle. Being a responsible dog owner makes the park a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Observing Body Language

Understanding canine body language is vital. Signs of anxiety or aggression like growling, baring teeth, or raised hackles should be addressed immediately. At the same time, be aware of other dogs that may be exhibiting aggressive behavior towards your pet.

Pack Essentials

Before heading to the park, pack a bag with essential items such as poop bags, water, a bowl, a leash, and your dog’s favorite treats. Never forget to bring your phone with an emergency vet number saved, just in case.

Heat Safety

Orlando’s hot climate can lead to heatstroke. Avoid the dog park during the hottest parts of the day, usually between 10 am and 4 pm. Always ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water and shade to cool down.

Keep Play Time Positive

Monitor your dog’s interactions closely. If playtime starts getting too rough or your dog seems uncomfortable, it’s time to intervene. Remember, not every dog your pet meets will be their best friend.

Regular Breaks

Even if your dog is having the time of their life, they need regular breaks. Overexertion can lead to injuries and exhaustion. Rest periods are a great time to hydrate and check your dog for any cuts, scrapes, or ticks.

Post-Park Vet Visit

After your first few trips to the dog park, it’s a good idea to schedule a vet visit. Your Orlando vet can check for any signs of injury or illness, including parasites, which are common in shared spaces like dog parks.

Dog parks are fantastic places for your pet to socialize and burn off some energy, but remember, safety should always come first. Following these tips can help ensure fun, healthy outings. At Orlando Vets, we’re committed to the wellness of all our furry friends in Orlando. Should you have any concerns, please call us at any of our locations. To schedule an appointment online, click here.

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