5 Reasons Why Your Dog’s Ears Stink


Do you have a dog whose ears stink? Have you ever stopped to wonder just what might be causing your dog’s ears to have this strong odor? In some cases, the problem is a very simple one, but in others, it may require veterinary assistance to handle.

Dog ears stink

In this article, we will explain five of the most common reasons why dogs ears might stink. With this information, you can work toward figuring out the cause of your dog’s smelly ears and determining whether or not you need to take her to the veterinarian.

Yeast Infections

If you notice your dog’s ears smelling musty or sickeningly sweet, she may have a yeast infection in her ears. This problem may cause pain, itching, swelling, redness, and sometimes oozing discharge along with the smell. It is a common problem in dogs’ ears because a dog’s ears are a prime location for Candida to grow. However, although it is a common issue, it isn’t a very severe one.

This is not an emergency situation, but as soon as you can take your dog to the vet, she should have medical attention. This is because she may need medication to get rid of the yeast infection. This may include pills as well as ointment, cream, or ear drops.

Your vet will be able to give you detailed instructions and a demonstration on how to administer ear drops if your dog has a yeast infection in her ears.

Bacterial Infections

This type of ear infection is much more painful than a yeast infection, and it is likely to cause visible symptoms such as swelling, redness, and bleeding or severe discharge. Your dog may act as though she is quite sick if she has a bacterial ear infection, and she may become aggressive or fearful because of the pain caused by this problem.

If your dog has these symptoms, she needs to see a vet as soon as possible, although it still does not constitute an emergency. She may be given steroids to help reduce the inflammation, and she will be given oral antibiotics as well as ear drops.

Once again, you will need to speak with your vet for more information about how to give your dog ear drops for this problem.

Hygiene Habits

Another factor that could be causing your dog’s ears to stink is hygiene habits. This issue can be resolved quickly by giving her a bath and using a dog-safe ear cleaner to gently and carefully clean her ears. During certain parts of the year, bathing needs to be done more frequently. Talk with your veterinarian to find out what these parts of the year to help stay on top of your dog’s hygiene habits.

Some dogs may have a lot of hair growing inside or just outside their ears. If this is true of your dog, you may need to snip this fur to prevent bacteria from getting trapped there. This can help her stay healthier and reduce the risk of ear infections as well as cut back on the smell.

Ear Wax

When ear wax builds up too much in your dog’s ears, it can cause her ears to stink. The smell will not be as strong or sickening as it might be with a yeast infection or bacterial ear infection, but it will still be noticeable. This problem can be easily resolved by simply cleaning out your dog’s ears frequently to remove the buildup of wax that is present there.

Some dogs have a lot of fear or aggression surrounding ear cleanings, however, so you may need to have your vet take care of this for you. Additionally, if you take your dog to a groomer, you can ask the groomer to clean out your pet’s ears as well. This usually comes at a small additional fee, but if your dog is very aggressive or difficult to deal with during the cleaning, the fee may be larger for the trouble.

Recent Swimming

Sometimes, if your dog goes swimming or has a bath, water may become trapped in her ears. In some cases, this can lead to a bacterial ear infection. However, most of the time, it will simply cause a foul odor for a short time. You can get rid of this smell by cleaning your dog’s ears thoroughly after she has been in the water.

Consult with a Veterinarian if Your Dog’s Ears Stink

If you have any other concerns about your dog’s health or wellbeing, you should always take her to the vet. Even if you think her smelly ears may be related to a simple problem, it may be a good idea to have them checked out by a professional, especially if this is the first time you have ever noticed the problem.

At OrlandoVets, we always put the health and comfort of your pet first, because we want them to live a quality life with you. With four locations in the Orlando-area, you can be rest assured that your dog will always receive the care they need. We’ll help get to the underlying cause of why your dog’s ears stink and the best course of action to take to help treat them. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us.

By having your dog’s ears checked out, you can make sure to catch any problems before they get too serious. Work with your vet to figure out the best way to treat your furry friend’s ears and have them smelling normal again soon.

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